How to find other Tailwind users and get involved in the community.


If you want to chat with other Tailwind users in real-time, check out our Discord server. There are always hundreds of people online answering each other's questions, getting feedback on their projects, and sharing what they've built.

Chat about Tailwind on Discord


If you've hit a problem with something you're working on and could use some help, the best place to ask is our discuss repo on GitHub where we use issues as a message board. These discussions are indexed by search engines which means asking your questions here will make it easier for others to find the answer if they have a similar problem in the future.

Get help on the forum


Found a bug, have a feature request, or want to contribute to the framework itself? All of our code is open-source on GitHub.

Contribute to Tailwind


Want to keep up with what's new in the Tailwind ecosystem? We post all release announcements on Twitter, and share lots of interesting work from the community.

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Awesome Tailwind CSS

A curated list of awesome things related to Tailwind CSS, such as plugins, UI libraries and components, resources like tools, starters, templates and themes, IDE extensions, open-source projects, and even apps and websites built with Tailwind.

Checkout Awesome Tailwind CSS

Tailwind UI is now in early access!